SF-13 (Inspired by Escada Island)


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The Escada Island attar and perfume are perfect for those who seek a unique and refreshing scent that transports them to a tropical island getaway. The bottle design is inspired by the colorful and vibrant essence of the Caribbean islands, reflecting the bright and exotic nature of the fragrance. With its invigorating blend of notes, the Escada Island attar and perfume offer a luxurious fragrance experience that is both uplifting and rejuvenating. Indulge in the ultimate tropical escape with Sattva Fragrances’ exquisite Escada Island attar and perfume.

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Sattva Fragrances presents its latest creation, a luxurious attar and perfume inspired by the Escada Island fragrance. This enchanting scent captures the essence of the tropical paradise and exudes an aura of freshness and relaxation. The Escada Island attar and perfume open with a burst of juicy fruits like guava, mango, and passionfruit, which are enhanced by the refreshing notes of grapefruit and watermelon. The heart notes of pineapple, hibiscus, and coconut add a tropical feel to the fragrance, while the base notes of sandalwood, musk, and cedarwood provide a warm and sensual finish.


10ml, 12ml Roll on, 35ml, 65ml


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