SF-30 White Oud


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Crafted using traditional techniques, this perfume is pure and undiluted, making it incredibly potent and long-lasting. Its exquisite aroma lingers on your skin for hours, leaving a trail of sensuality and elegance wherever you go.

Whether you’re heading to a special occasion or just want to indulge in a moment of luxury, the White Oud perfume is the perfect choice. Experience the magic of this timeless fragrance today, and discover a whole new level of luxury.

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Introducing the White Oud perfume, a captivating fragrance from Sattva Fragrances. This exotic scent is a fusion of the finest natural ingredients that promises to awaken your senses and transport you to a world of luxury.

The White Oud perfume is a rich, woody fragrance that features the rare and precious Oudh, also known as Agarwood, as its star ingredient. This highly sought-after resin is sourced from the heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, and is known for its unique aroma that is both earthy and sweet. The fragrance is further enhanced by the addition of premium floral oils, including jasmine and rose, which add a delicate sweetness and balance to the earthy notes.



10ml, 12ml Roll on, 35ml, 65ml


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